Why Fuel Box is better than a Fuel Drum



While a Fuel Drums can could benefit those who are using construction and agricultural vehicles and machines, there’s still big differences to using a Fuel Drum and a Fuel Box. The Fuel Box is a great alternative to a Fuel Drum as it offers several benefits that a Fuel Drum cannot provide.
For instance, the Fuel Box is a lot smaller than a Fuel Drum which will allow you to free up space. This in turn, means that your red diesel is more portable and can be extracted easily into your machine without spillage.
In addition, The FUELBOX reduces packaging waste in landfills by 86% and reduces plastic consumption by up to 90%, compared to 20-liter rigid packaging.

Here are just a few benefits of using a Fuel Box:
• Limited space to store or handle large drums.
• End of contract or Sites nearing completion where only a small quantity of fuel is required to finish the job.
• Short term Plant hire requiring minimal fuel top ups.
• Contamination issues, 200 litre drums are often left outside on site and are subject to water and dirt contamination.
• Generator Hire for Marquees etc. where large amounts of Fuel left on site could potentially be a hazard or a security issue.
• Logistic companies with vehicles that have ancillary engines, such as refrigeration units, or a forklift on the back for unloading that will need re-fuelling while they are away from their base.
• Run Outs on site: FUELBOX is a quick and easy solution for emergency run outs.
If you are looking for small volumes of red diesel, please contact our FUELBOX team on 0333 222 3643, or alternatively you can find your local stockists on our stockist’s page.
However, if you decide that you do still have the need to buy red diesel in 200 litre drums then we recommend New Era Fuels who offer an unrivaled nationwide delivery service. Click here to go to their Red Diesel Drums page.

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