How to make your student house a home with a little help from Urba-life


The Urba-life team would like to share some great tips on how you can make your student house your own. We all know it’s hard to be away from home for a long period of time so we have listed a few aspects which will help it make your student house feel like a home.

1. Have nice a nice duvet

A mattress topper is a great way to turn a hard, uncomfortable bed into one you won’t want to drag yourself out of. A mattress protector is a cheaper option – it won’t give you the added comfort of a mattress topper but it can help make the bed feel less ‘second hand’. Invest in a thick duvet to keep you snug over the winter. Hollowfibre duvets are a cheaper option than those filled with feather and down, but will still keep you nice and toasty while you’re catching some z’s or binging on a box set on the sofa. And cheerful, colourful bedding is an easy way to brighten up an otherwise uninspiring bedroom, so look out for duvet and pillow sets featuring vibrant colours and patterns at cost-effective shops like Ikea or on the high street during the sales.

2. Add colour to your room

Many landlords don’t allow students to change anything in their houses, even Blu-Tacking anything on the walls or putting up picture hooks but there are ways around this such as, a couple of bright cushions, a rug, some retro-style bunting hung below some shelves or just some framed prints or photos for your desk. Just by adding colour to a room can help to cheer the place up.

3. Covering unpleasant furniture

Throws are very popular throughout students homes as they make things look less scruffy, or over your bed to smarten up your room. Some furniture in students houses can be dated so by adding a throw over a sofa can change its appearance immediately. The added bonus of a throw is that it’ll help to protect whatever it’s covering, so there’s less chance a spill from a glass of red wine will eat into your deposit.

4. Have a few personal belongings in your room

Taking a few personal belongings from home will help to make your new room feel familiar – this could be a few photos of your friends from home, a poster, a novelty alarm clock or even just a couple of your favorite books.

5. All contribute to buying new things for the house

Why don’t you and your house mates all contribute into buying some decorations for your house, Ikea and Aldi have a cheap range of home wares so, buying items for your new home doesn’t have to be expensive and its a fun way for you and your mates to make your house your own and to modernise it.

We hope this has given you some useful information on how you can transform your student house into your own. For more useful tips while your at university visit the Urba-life blog where you will find some interesting reads.

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