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Using the power of fractional ownership (shared ownership), fun and luxury things are within your reach!

Use this site to contact other people interested in the fractional ownership of holiday/vacation property, boats, yachts, planes, helicopters etc. via fractional ownership schemes.

Browse details of proposed/existing fractional ownership schemes. Advertise your own fraction free (for both private and commercial advertisers). Submit details of your fractional company/services free of charge.

As well as true fractional ownership schemes we also feature details of destination clubs, private residence clubs, car clubs etc. from around the world. None of these companies have paid for their entry so we can be critical when we need to be. This section of the website is work in progress so we are adding new details daily.

We are now starting to add information on timeshare and timeshare resorts to the site. We are doing this because: Many people who consider fractional ownership will either be considering timeshare or have experience of timeshare. Sometimes buying a timeshare on the re-sale market can be a cost-effective option for your future holidays. Many of the so-called fractional ownership schemes on the market are very like timeshare, and it helps to see the similarities if they are both described on the site.

Our opinion on buying timeshare new remains the same (DON’T DO IT!). You also need to remember that timeshare is NEVER a good investment, and that in contrast properly structured fractional ownership schemes can provide cost-effective holidays and investment gains.
Within Your Reach?
Is there anything that you dream of owning? Perhaps a yacht, a holiday home, or a classic car. For most people these will remain unfulfilled dreams unless they win the lottery! However if you buy with other people (sometimes referred to as fractional ownership) these dreams can be within your reach.

On the site there are details of fractional ownership schemes for vacation/holiday property, yachts, prestige cars, caravans etc. etc. Register with the site to discuss/express interest in these schemes or to suggest/advertise your own.

You don’t have to consider only luxury/expensive items. Lower value things can also be owned by groups of people, e.g. a tent and camping equipment could be shared between 3 people.
Some of the fractional property schemes on the site offer “micro-shares”, which enable you to start off with a very small share with the chance to build up to something bigger over time. Micro-shares entitle you to a chance of using the property each year, whether you get a week in a year or not is decided by lottery.

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